Designing the Future Technology


UI/UX Design Experiences

UI/UX Design plays a pivotal role in modern society, where people interact with companies through visual literacy that conveys core messages of information. Renovating and improving user interface in a responsive manner is important for every business and organization, and it can only be achieved in conjunction with comprehensive user experience studies of research and testing. 


Design Projects



An interactive emoji-driven fitness app
Mobile | Watch



A smart-glasses AI driven todo list app
VR SmartGlasses

Optimus Bikes Cover 2.png


A responsive online bicycle business app 
Mobile | Desktop

Adobe Background.jpg


Adobe Creative Cloud & Creative Jam
NotePad | Desktop

Glowing Keyboard
Glowing Keyboard
Software Development

I've been working on my software development skills for many years, and here are some of the projects that I have developed with the help of co-developers and instructors utilizing both the Frontend and the Backend Languages of the Web Development. I specialize in Frontend in conjunction with UI/UX design, and I continue to study and practice to sharpen my skills and knowledge.

I am proficient in Programming Languages such as: 

HTML | CSS | Javascript | Bootstrap | React.Js | Redux | Git/Github


Pages need not be static. I make

dynamic pages with interactive

visuals and texts


Every layout will work well without being distorted on every platform

Desktop and mobile size adjustable

Light Bulb.png

Strong UI Design will display intuitively for clients through beautifully designed interfaces

Development Projects
Glowing Keyboard


Film Reel
Film Reel
Film Reel

Aiden was born in Seoul, South Korea, and came to U.S. when he was 14 years old. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was exposed to diverse cultures and arts that catalyzed his unique sense of visual storytelling. When he went to college, Aiden found his passion in film through collaborating with other talented artists and became involved in organizations that focused on helping others in need and raising awareness for various social issues. After graduation, Aiden decided to use his cinematic skills to tell stories about the issues that he cared about.


Through countless hours of learning and practicing the work of cinema, Aiden has written/directed/produced five award-winning films. His responsible, reliable, and passionate characteristics drive him toward his goals, and he’s always eager to learn and experience new elements in life.

Below is the collection of filmography in which I have participated in as a writer/director/producer and other roles: